This is a really beautiful classy capelet made from two threads of 100% Fine Alpaca Wool. It makes a wonderful wedding capelet and is also suitable for everyday wear. It is soft and comfortable and will fit many different shapes and sizes due to its design; this is my own pattern created for this collection; it is crocheted in a circle, so if you don’t want two defined layers at the back, you can simply fold the capelet in half and it will work the same way. It has its own tie or you can use a shawl pin which I have included. Because it is circular, you can also lengthen or shorten the back simply by rearranging the top layer. The easiest way to put it on is by picking it up at the top of the seams where the tie is, simply pinch it in your fingers and swish it over the shoulders, it is as easy as that. This beautiful capelet is thick and cosy but suitable for all seasons, it has a lovely soft feel and is not itchy on the skin offering an item of excellent quality. This capelet is a real must for any wardrobe as it will look stunning as casual wear, evening wear or that special occasion.

Colour: Natural Beige / Cream

Suggested Size: Adult

Measurements: Diameter: 105cm  X Length: 59cm (Depending on how you wear it)

Crocheting Time: 20hrs

Product Code: AL13A

100% Alpaca Classic Capelet


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