The Marcantonio Collection

Ethically Sourced – Sustainable – Fairtrade – Hypoallergenic

Non-Commercial 100% Fine Alpaca Wool

100% Alpaca Classic Capelet


This is a really beautiful classy capelet made from two threads of 100% Fine Alpaca Wool. It makes a wonderful wedding capelet and is also suitable for

Welcome to The Marcantonio Collection

The Marcantonio Collection offers a limited edition of items that have been crocheted from non-farmed/non-commercial 100% Fine Alpaca Wool.

I don’t usually offer wool because I don’t want to use wool that has come from commercial suppliers, hence why I normally offer vegan products. However, I have met these Alpacas and I have known the owner for several years. The Alpacas were bought as pets and have always lived as pets; they were not bought to be part of a vast breeding project to make money. They have enjoyed freedom of movement being in large fields, they have been grass fed and treated like close family. Shearing time came, so rather than all the wool being wasted it was morally, ethically and professionally cleaned and spun but not dyed (which reduces the chemicals used in its production); so here I have drawn a line between veganism and wastage!

I have been fortunate enough to buy 12kg of this beautiful wool, so this is a limited edition – when it has gone it has gone. Part of this collection offers items that have been crocheted from a combination of Alpaca Wool and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Together, they create an ultra soft feel which is not harsh or itchy on the skin, the organic cotton also gives it more body. The blending of both yarns together offers unique items of exceptional quality. Other parts of this collection offers items that have been crocheted solely in Alpaca; with either one or two strands creating unique products of exceptional quality.

The Alpaca wool used in The Marcantonio Collection is 100% Alpaca Wool it is not spun with any other fibres – Kenzo