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GOTS Certified Organic Yarn

Vegan – Sustainable – Fairtrade – Hypoallergenic

Price Reduction

As I am no longer offering my crocheting on other platforms, I have now been able to drop my prices significantly. As my overheads are now much lower I have been able to reduce most items by £30 - £50. I am sure you will all appreciate the savings and I am sure many...

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Payment Method

Up-to-date News: Thought I would update everyone, I have been busy these last few weeks since getting back into things, I have been busy expanding the health & wholeness section of my Author website, the health & wholeness section now...

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Website Updated

Buy Now Button: Really pleased to say I have updated the website - I have made it easier for you to purchase items. There is a 'Buy Now' button at the bottom of every item page which will take you straight to the payment page. I hope this makes it much easier for you...

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New Items Coming Soon

I haven't been here for awhile but that doesn't mean I haven't been crocheting. I am pleased to say that I have a couple of more items that will soon be up.  I am hoping to have them up in the next couple of weeks so do keep popping back to see if they are here. At...

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REALLY PLEASED WITH LATEST SALES: I was really pleased to sell the mulit-coloured blanket so fast, I am pleased it has gone to a good home; with over 30 hours of crocheting, I wanted it to be truly appreciated, and it will be. I am awaiting more GOTS Cotton to...

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A New Item Coming Tomorrow

A NEW ITEM WILL BE UP TOMORROW - I am pleased to say I have just completed another item. It has taken over 30hrs to crochet and will be available from tomorrow. This one is actually made from acrylic yarn, no, I haven't changed my views, this is a one-off. I will not...

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